Expression Interrupted

Journalists and academics bear the brunt of the massive crackdown on freedom of expression in Turkey. Scores of them are currently subject to criminal investigations or behind bars. This website is dedicated to tracking the legal process against them.

Freedom of Expression and the Press in Turkey - 317

Court rules Çetin Kurşun should be charged with “membership in terrorist organization”; prosecutor demands sentence for Kemal Demir; judicial control lifted for 7 journalists in "FETÖ media" case

Prosecutor demands sentence for former TV10 staffer Kemal Demir

Kemal Demir and Kemal Karagöz are charged with “membership in a terrorist organization” in the trial. Court is expected to issue its judgment at the next hearing, set for 16 December

Judicial control measures lifted for 7 journalists in retrial of "FETÖ media case"

Judicial control measures for Taş remain in place since Justice Ministry has yet to respond to request for Taş to be prosecuted under TCK 301 charge

ANALYSIS | First ECtHR judgment on "insulting the president": Art. 299 must be revised

Even though the judgment calls for amendment of Article 299, this provision must be completely abrogated, rather than amended

Freedom of Expression and the Press in Turkey - 316

Prosecutor demands sentence for video activist Oktay İnce; Mehmet Baransu’s request for recusal of judges in “Taraf trial” rejected; journalist Vedat Örüç sentenced for “propaganda”

Trial of journalists who reported on torture allegations to continue in January

Court lifts judicial control measures imposed on all five journalists at the third hearing of the case. Next hearing set for 6 January 2022

"Taraf trial" resumes; court rejects requests for recusal of judges

Baransu and his lawyers demanded that the judges recuse themselves from the case on the grounds that the court has lost its impartiality. Court rejected the request, adjourned the case until November

Freedom of Expression and the Press in Turkey - 315

Doğan Ergün, Sinan Aygül sentenced; Mehmet Altan files case against judges who refused to implement top court’s judgment; new trial against Derya Okatan begins; ANKA reporter threatened by police

Mehmet Altan files case against judges who refused to implement top court judgments

The first hearing was held on 13 October at the 4th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The next hearing is set for 21 December

Journalist Derya Okatan appears in court for "propaganda" case

Okatan is on trial for news reports shared on the social media accounts of Etkin News Agency, where she worked as responsible managing editor