Expression Interrupted

Journalists and academics bear the brunt of the massive crackdown on freedom of expression in Turkey. Scores of them are currently subject to criminal investigations or behind bars. This website is dedicated to tracking the legal process against them.

CHP’s Çakırözer: Gov’t bodies turned into weapons against the press

Çakırözer says press freedom has always been problematic in Turkey and the situation hasn’t really changed after the pandemic 

HDP’s Gergerlioğlu: Early release law failed to ease prison conditions

Gergerlioğlu says number of detainees in cells increased as some cells were converted into quarantine units and not enough precautions are taken to counter the spread of Covid-19

ANALYSIS Gezi Park trial: A portrait of unlawfulness

Whatever is claimed by the prosecution, whatever judgment comes out at the end of this trial, the innocence of Gezi Park protests in the public conscience will remain

European Court’s Osman Kavala judgment becomes final

The European Court of Human Rights rejects Turkey’s request for the chamber judgment in Osman Kavala’s application to be referred to the Grand Chamber

David Kaye says it is “imperative” that all jailed journalists be released

The UN special rapporteur urges the government on World Press Freedom Day to take swift action to free journalists at P24's annual Mehmet Ali Birand Lecture

Families of jailed journalists concerned amid Covid-19 crisis

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, families of jailed journalists say each day they are worried more about the well-being of their loved ones who are being kept behind bars 

ANALYSIS - Article 220/7 of the Turkish Penal Code: The unlawfulness of Turkey’s anti-terror legislation

The ambiguity and exceptionality of the TMK and these features' clear reflections on criminal law facilitates interferences with journalism and, more generally, with fundamental rights

ANALYSIS: Early release bill ruins fragile trust in justice system

Government’s latest judicial reform package confirms that “thought is the most serious crime” as journalists, political prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges continue to be held in prisons

Rights groups: Free Osman Kavala and all jailed HRDs

Issued on the 900th day of Osman Kavala’s detention, the statement by the Solidarity Network for Human Rights Defenders says Kavala and other detainees’ right to life is under serious threat

37 rights groups call on Turkey to release persons in pre-trial detention

Rights groups urge Council of Judges and Prosecutors to issue clear guidance to local courts that pre-trial detention should be avoided in line with international law amid Covid-19 crisis

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